Bree's Punishment Book

Alas-- John has once again come up with a brilliant scheme to monitor the behavior of his naughty, and often rebellious, little wife.... For years, he's had me keep a punishment book that lists my various transgressions and the 'awards' applied for each every Sunday night.  Now he wants it to go public!
He wants to see what my readers feel is deserved for certain acts of poor behavior.  My opinion?  Well.... it led to the first transgression listed in the public forum:

I told him I was trying to see things from his perspective but could not get my head that far up my ass.

So- if no one comments, then I should not receive any just desserts! Don't you agree?


  1. 7/19/12
    Great- another one! I overindulged last night with too much wine (exceeding the one glass limit) and am suffering for it today. Make the room stop spinning!

  2. Well personally I enjoyed your singing to me last night so I can't really comment about what your just desserts should be. It was quite entertaining- until I spilled my wine.

  3. Daddy John isn't as entertained :(

  4. 7/21/12

    I broke the Code O' Doms..... I was sassy to James (just being a brat like always) and John did not find it respectful. I'm sorry, James! Still love me?
    I swear- these men have NO sense of humor! :(

  5. Once again, my big mouth is landing me in the hot seat. What is my major malfunction today? Daddy told me to tell my sister that we are equals and that I can't be the boss of her- although I CLEARLY have seniority! So not fair! So I argued. DUMB Move. 35 OTK with black hand paddle. Argued AGAIN. Doubled. STILL refused. TRIPLED and now, to add insult to injury, I get the cane for not being respectful and disobeying.
    DUMB, Huh?

  6. You are a mean one, little sister

  7. 7/26/12
    I forgot to call stupid TV service for him when he was gone on business THEN didn't answer with SIR.
    He is on a roll today! Would anyone like to trade places with me? I can't take another spanking yet!

  8. Hello My Friends! I'm sorry I've been slacking lately- work is busting my butt. And when it's not work, it's John. He waited until my day off to 'deliver my just desserts'. Now, I thought dessert was supposed to be sweet and enjoyable. NOT! I can't honestly say the paddling was the worse I've even had- I mean, it was pretty bad, but I was so sleepy I didn't care. And certainly, I could not fight him.
    Paddling is awful as it is, especially when the nasty little black paddle with the holes is used- but he delivered the entire set of strokes fast and sharp- too much and too fast to count. I had 'bubbles' as my sister calls it. She freaked, poor thing. The he made me kneel in front of him and thank him for correcting my bad behavior. I hate doing that.
    Unfortunately, I started dozing off in position sooo......
    Will I ever learn?