Thursday, August 30, 2012


 Yep!  Got a new one coming out in the next week or two.  By popular demand, Cowboys Know Best is finished. I will admit, it is more romantic and 'tame' than I'm used to writing, which allowed me to share my softer side with my awesome readers.

I'm also very excited to let you guys know that I'm publishing through a new company (Stormy Night) with my favorite editor, James.  I am very excited because I know that he will make certain that I continue to produce the best literature for my audience that I can, as well as continue to push me towards professional growth as an author.  I must confess that the poor man had to deal with my kicking and screaming when he tried to teach me about quotations, but he succeeded and may claim triumph in being the only person I know who could make my use of semi-colons cease and desist. Sorry, James!  (I'm giving you my sweet, innocent, blink)

As always, my books will be sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and, of course, Blushing!!  Keep the reviews coming and thank you all again for all your encouragement, love and support!!!

Always yours-

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nikki's Got A Boyfriend!

And she is trying to hide him from John!  Now, I'm not snitching on her- it's really sweet and cute how she depends on the approval of her brother-in-law for things like this.  She's so afraid John's not going to like him, or even worse, that John WILL like him and convince him to start taking her in hand.  Cracks me up big time!  Even more so-  she's been more defiant than usual because she's trying to hide things from John and isn't doing a very good job.  I mean, he's not dumb... he sees her sneaking around and is just waiting for her to confess what she's up to.  Of course, I feign total ignorance... hee hee hee.  Poor Nikki- she's so busted.  Again!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I really should listen better...

Daddy keeps telling me to watch out for Bree. He says, "she will spin a web and you will be caught up in it. Be careful or you will end up OTK without even realizing you were set up".

Damn if he wasn't right. She does do that! I am not sure if it is just her general bratty nature or if she thinks things up to trap me-but whatever it is, she manages to get me every. single. time.  This latest incident occurred last night. I wont go into what she did, but she basically manipulated me into tattling on HER and guess who got in trouble? That's right, yours truly.  But on a positive note, she got in trouble as well, so it did sort of BACKFIRE on her. Oh and her back end WAS on fire. So I guess in the END, all is forgiven. :) Gotta go do homework. Bleh!


Monday, August 27, 2012

A Personal Note

Hi Y'all-
I wanted to share something that happened last night at work..  As you know, I am a critical care hospice nurse and specialize in psychiatric associated cases.  Sometimes, the issues are right there, easily seen--- other times, they are below the surface.  One thing, though, seems to stand strong.... we all die the way we live.
I'm not trying to entice anyone into feeling sad- but encouraging you to be reflective on how we live our life- at home, in public, at work... and in whatever role we chose to partake. Please let me share...
I had this gal- 99 years old with severe dementia and respiratory and cardiac problems.  Her mind was gone and the moment I arrived, she launched into every version of the children's prayer "Now I lay me down to sleep."  As the night progressed, so did the lability of her prayer.  as she started to pass, I began to sing 'Amazing Grace' to her- she joined me and passed within minutes.  Peacefully and with a smile.
It touched me.  Even with the pain, the fear, being with a stranger on her deathbed, she reverted back to a place of innocence and trust.
When I got home, my family lavished me with love.  They know how difficult this type of work is.  John went into Daddy mode and I was able to release my 'adult' and feel the wonder of her passing in the eyes of a child. Nikki held me and gave all kinds of love (I love my little sister) and cried with me- not as a nurse, but as another human being who as given the privilege to share the final moments with a wonderful woman in such a sweet and beautiful way. Nik and I then spent quite a bit of time looking at our own lives, bonding us even closer.
I think that perhaps is the most valuable aspect of age-play... when we adults are permitted to put aside the expectations of society and responsibility, and are free to simply feel, react and enjoy.  Think of this-- how do you live your life?  What will be your reflection in those final moments of life?
I love all of you---- Bree

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Catching up!

Hello, My Friends!

It's been a while since I've had the time to post and I apologize... work just keeps getting in the way of my having fun.  I'll be getting a new laptop soon and be able to take it with me so I can keep in touch- even during the weeeeeee hours of my night shift.

I have a new book done!  I was calling it Perl of Great Price, Tx- but James has wisely convinced me to change the name (although I'm not sure yet since my brain has been so frazzeled lately).  It's been fun writing it- very different than my others in the respect that it takes place in a part of history that forced me to research well (1947) and is relatively MILD for me (sex wise).  It's pure romance and, as always, about self discovery.  I've been feeling very girly lately- sooooo I figured I would share the softer side of my nature with my incredible readers.

I wanted to thank all of you for your feedback and positive encouragement. As writers, we invest our hearts and take risks with our stories.  Personally, every one I write has a piece of my real life in it- to allow for greater truth and vulnerability for my characters and myself.  My fellow writers and personal friends (Renee Rose and Patty Devlin) will attest that it takes a lot to develop fun and interesting story lines and characters, and to find ways to meld truth and fantasy into one, cohesive piece.  Your support, loving reviews and private emails have made this whole experience one that I intend to continue for a very very long time.

It's about you--- what do you want to see?  What new world would you like to explore with me?  I also want to thank those of you who got their hackles raised with my 'haters'.  These people don't have to like our books... or even me as a writer.  Just think of it this way- they still buy them, right?  So there has to be something they are searching for that, hopefully, I might one day touch. This is my desire with everything I write- to touch something in the soul that allows for healing, happiness or hope. See? It's good all the way around.

Please keep emailing, commenting and reviewing... I love all of you (having a Hallmark moment here)
Yours Forever-

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Ok, I don't know about the rest of you, but I tend to be a creature of habit.  As my family (and my poor editor) knows, I tend accept unpleasant changes only after kicking and screaming.  I do adjust.... sometimes after throwing a big tantrum. Why do I react so strongly?
I confess.  I have this teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy issue.... My name is Breanna Hayse and I am a control freak.  Do I hear an 'amen, sista'?
(No comments, Nikki!)
I know that I'm not as flexible as I should be when things don't go my way or as I planned.  That includes my habit of trying to Top from the Bottom.  My beady, little brain has a very precise agenda regarding how I should be raised, disciplined, directed and treated as a sub.  My opinion, coupled with those momentary lapses of sanity, tends to erupt in verbal form and I dictate how, when and why John should 'handle' me.  Add to that yet another such moment of general insanity, when I challenge him in order to see if he got the hint.
Things never work out quite the way I want it, but I keep on trying.  Ahh, the definition of insanity at its best.
The question boils down to why? 
Why am I never satisfied with how things are- status quo? 
Why do I constantly seek new ways to stir up the pot? 
Why do I have this satiable need to exceed my limits when I under stress, duress or in a state of change?
It's all about consistency.....
Consistency means security- it means caring- it means stability-- it means that the time is taken to maintain a goal, even when there is a shaking in the focus. When my life is topsy turvy, or I am experiencing too many changes at once (even simple ones like when John picks up the wrong brand of toilet paper), I'll find a way to shake things up to give 
John a chance to be consistent and stable.  If he ignores the hint... well.... kicking and screaming.
That usually gets his attention.
I'm not saying anyone should do things this way- not at all, in fact, unless you are into carrying an extra portion of chicken tenders. No, my hope is to help us recognize the reason we act certain ways at certain times.  Also, how we feel when we see the results.
Consistency- how we receive it and how we react to it, can make all the difference in the world.  it's not just dealing with D&S; it's about any relationship, job, chore or interaction we encounter. your challenge... explore your own consistency or the lack of it, in your lives.  How do they make you feel and how can you bring things to order?
Luvs and Kisses! Breanna


Thursday, August 16, 2012

I gotta do what?

What does it mean when you have to do things you don't want to do because your job is to do what your Dom tells you to do? I'm gonna tell you. It means crap, I signed up for this and now I gotta do what he tells me to do even though I don't want to do it. Yea the life of a subbie. Here was the conversation I just had...
" Did you work out today?"
" Um, well, not actually TOOOODAY, but I will probably, maybe tomorrow."
" OK well that's 50."

Huh? WTF? (this part was in my head-NOT out loud) You mean you were serious when you said I had to work out 3x a week or else?"

Why is it that when he said it originally (and I was feeling all fat- and to be honest, confident I could whip this bod into shape, I agreed to this nonsense?  Not that I really had an option). But here's the thing. I trust him. He is doing this not because he is being mean but because he knows that I want to get into better shape and this is how I have to do it. And it is working. I have to answer to someone else and I know that if I don't do what I am supposed to do, I will have to suffer the consequences of that decision.

If you are a sub, you give up a lot of control-yet you give up no control. See, it is a choice we make to obey. And if you trust your Dom, then even when it is uncomfortable to obey, you know it is OK because you know they don't want to hurt you. That is why-listen up- it is really important to be very careful about who you entrust with this responsibility. A lot of subs just want to find a Dom and do not take it seriously enough. Be selective. Take care to listen to your inner self. If something doesn't feel right, it isn't. Trust your instincts, and know that you deserve to be happy and safe in your relationship. There are a lot of sad stories out there of women who have been hurt by trusting the wrong person. Some have been hurt really badly. Raped, beat up, and emotionally damaged. Don't take a chance with your life. Be very selective and when the right person comes along, you will know it.

Oh and don't forget to exercise 3x a week. :)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Serendipity Ranch Is Here!

Serendipity Ranch is Here!  Ok Y'all- I had a blast with this one.  Subbies- be prepared.... should you choose to repeat any of the smart a** comments used by Serena on your Doms, you might be finding yourselves as bare bottomed and tenderized as this gal is.  So grab yourself a glass of icy cold goat milk and a plate of cookies, sit back and watch the fireworks fly!

Luvs to All- Breanna

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Facing Fear = Building Confidence

Before I say anything else- I want to thank my fans for all the positive encouragement and reviews you've left on Blushing.  You all inspire me to grow and improve, and it's because of YOU that I challenge myself to bring you literature that will touch your hearts as well as your imagination. 

The reason I bring this up is because I've personally been learning a lot about myself as I've put my books out for public 'consumption' and, subsequently, criticism.  I recently shared my feelings about trust- but I left out the most important lesson of all---

Trust yourself
I will be honest.  I was terrified to put my first book out there for the world to see.  Fear of rejection, ridicule, judgement and failure reeked havoc on my delicate little heart.  Yes! I am a sensitive soul (don't listen to Nikki if she says otherwise! LOL!)  But as I held my breath, waiting for my first review, I had to stop to consider the journey I chose years ago, in the discovery of my true nature.

As I've told Nikki hundreds of times, the only difference between me and a 'normal person' is that I am no longer afraid to admit, and embrace, my 'dark side'.  I have no secrets from myself, or from those I trust.  When I fully submitted myself to that understanding, the fears I had dissolved in new found confidence.

Of course that confidence, had much to do with the people around me who showered me with positive reinforcement.  Besides my family, the uplifting reviews from my readers, the encouragement and support I receive from Blushing, the lectures I get from Dr. James, and the occasional kick in the rump I get from John helped me learn to trust myself and my abilities.

We need one another. Those who read this are strangers in flesh, but brothers and sister in spirit. Whether it's your lifestyle, or doing something you've never tried, allow yourself the privilege to experience it with those you trust and respect.  Even sharing on blogs like this- where you are supported and encouraged- can help build up a new found confidence to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilization, to boldly go.... oh, sorry! Got caught up in the moment.

My challenge to you:  Take a moment today to speak a word of encouragement or praise to someone you know AND to someone you don't.  Their smile as they receive from you will bring your confidence to a different level.  Don't believe me?  Try it and then share back here!
With all Luvs and Kisses-  Breanna

Cross your fingers! James said Serendipity Ranch should be ready for next weekend!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hey folks! Nikki and I have been talking a lot lately about the delicate nature of trust- especially for a submissive.  This theme is a constant in my books and, for those of you who have read The Game Plan, you'll remember that this was Cassie's greatest struggle. Her lack of trust (caused by betrayal) paralyzed her from accepting love because she felt unworthy to receive it.  Rob had the wisdom to understand that it took time and consistency to gain, and keep, that sacred treasure of the heart, mind, spirit, body, and soul. Obtaining her trust, and subsequently her heart, became his personal goal because of his love for her. He also learned that certain words and actions, no matter how minute, could have an impact on obtaining, or losing, that trust.
Nothing is more important to a submissive than trust.  If you can't trust your Dom/Domme, there is no D/S relationship.  It is the most precious gift you can give your partner and, in it's offering, also leaves you at your most vulnerable state of being.  Your partners, in turn, must truly search their hearts and ask- are they worthy of that trust?  If not, how can they become so?
So what type of trust do you have to offer?

Body: We must be able to trust that our physical needs be met and that our bodies be protected from harm during 'play' or discipline.  In order to be able to give ourselves freely, we must know that we will never be subjected to bodily harm or any rejection. The slightest derogatory or negative comment- even in jest- can easily send an insecure sub into a knot of shame.  Since D/S is so focused on the body, this trust in essential to guard and nurture.

Emotional: The dearest, and most precious type of trusts we give.  This is the heart of who we are- the base from which we, as human beings, are separated from other animals.  When we trust our partners with our hearts, they must understand that, unlike a cut or broken bone, emotional trust takes years to build and only moments to destroy. Words are the greatest asset, and also the ultimate destruction, of emotional trust.  Use the power of words for good, Grasshopper!

Financial: Is your partner responsible with finances? Are your needs met, including bills being paid, food on the table, medical expenses?  Believe it or not, most couples break up due to financial issues more than any other. Is your partner an equal one in your relationship and do you share chores and responsibilities?. If one works, does the other pick up the slack around the house?  Being a submissive does not mean to be a doormat.

Mind: Can you trust your partner with your most hidden secrets and desires, knowing they will never laugh at you, or poke fun.  Even a casual, but negative, reference to something you've mention will cause most people to clam up and stop sharing.  Guarding the tongue and picking the right words can spare you years of heart ache!

Spiritual:  Everyone has a different belief system.  A healthy D/S relationship will respect the partners belief system without ridicule.

These are but a few.  What trust issues do you struggle with and how do you think it can be overcome?  Would you like to see any being addressed in a future book? Please share!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know----

My dear friend, Renee Rose (who is an incredible and talented author- check out her newest book on Blushing!) finally caught me and asked me all the personal questions she wanted.. There is NO squirming away from that gal! LOL!  LOVE her!!! Anyway- she just posted my interview for the peeps to read.
Go on- ask more questions.... I have nothing to hide anymore now my my bare bottom is exposed (figuratively) to the whole world.
Luvs and Kisses-  Bree Bree

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chicken Tenders

Ok- so for those of you who are getting to know me, you'll see I used the term Chicken Tenders for fun, playful spankings and 'attention'.  Unfortunately, when I get smart mouthed or defy Daddy, the chicken tenders are converted to Rump Roast.  Yes.... Nikki got what she wanted--- ME in trouble.  Ok, I kindof brought it on myself (chalk it up to a moment of insanity), but I made a rather insincere and half-heartedly apology to my sister following Daddy's order.  Dumb dumb dumb- I didn't think he would immediately check on the response.  I dot my little butt hauled to the spanking chair, went OTK bare bottomed and received a rather heated lecture via my back end to be nice and not so rebellious.  I swear, the man has a hand like  wooden board- I HATE it.  So yes, my friends, I now sit here on well roasted, unhappy chicken tenders that need some SERIOUS marinade (rubs). But I'm not allowed.....
I'm sorry, Nikki.  I won't try to get you in trouble anymore. (For a while anyway).  Luvs- Bree-Bree

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Motivational Spankings

What do you think about motivational spankings? Daddy seems to think they are important. Personally, I am not so sure. I think I could live without them. Especially the day after being paddled and still wearing bruises from said paddling. What do you think? Do you get motivational spankings? I am thinking we should take a poll on here and maybe that could decide the verdict about whether I get them or not. What do you think? After the verdict is in, Bre can tell Daddy!

Fantasy vs. Reality

Hello, my friends.... this has been a week of learning new lessons and reinforcing old ones.  My poor sister will attest to that.  I wanted to share some thoughts I have regarding 'real world' vs 'fantasy world' that most of us subs seem to have.  First- let me thank all of you for your continued support with my books!  Your positive reviews and encouragement have been lifting them all into the top ten of Blushing's List.
As you know, the story lines/plots in my stories are fiction/fantasy with multiple scenes based on reality.  I can't help but chuckle when I read a review regarding an 'unrealistic' element in any author's work.  Of course it is!  It wouldn't be fiction, right?  Who of us have not dreamed of being a mermaid? Or winning the Lotto?  Or being perfectly smart, talented, beautiful...... I mean, if all of the books we read were based on reality- there would be a LOT more 35 and under, 6'5", rich, smart, hot, available men then we would know what to do with! And very few of us would ever reach the 30 year old mark (or gain weight, get cellulite, wrinkles or gray hair).  Right?  So I say on behalf of my fellow authors- just sit back and enjoy!
Seriously- how many of us would really want to live the 'lives' of our characters or scenarios? Not me, for sure- especially enduring the frequency/severity in which our poor, slow-learning heroine finds herself OTK.  Heck- in my real life, I'm in enough trouble as it is-- I certainly wouldn't want more!
We often  enjoy living vicariously through the stories we read, helping us come to grips with our own fantasies and darker desires. We learn how to comfortably express our needs and innermost thoughts to our partners and explore how far we might want to take a new step in our D/S relationships.
For me, if a scene strikes me as interesting, I will give it to John to read and then we talk about the whys and hows.  Why is it interesting to me? How can it be enacted? John then tries to put the fantasy/fiction element into a reality based session.  At that point, I am able to truly distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy and what I want/need (or not) from him.  As he always tells me: be careful what you wish for.
Give it a go- fellow subs! Open up communication with your Doms- even the 'vanilla' D/S relationships can bloom when you share your fantasies or items you read and discuss how to make it real for you.
Oh yes- WHEN you do figure out how to become independently wealthy or stay perfectly young and gorgeous forever, please share it with the rest of us, ok? Those are two fantasies that I would Love to see become reality for me.  LOL!!!
Luvs and Kisses-  Bree