Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grounded and Grumbling

John is making me do this.... not a happy Bree right now.  I am grounded from chat because, instead of calling him to let him know I was on my way home from my shift this morning, I decided to get on the phone with my bestie back east. To top it off, I was late leaving the patient because I was... yeah... talking with my relief.  Gee, a girl's gotta have SOME social life, right?  So.... I'm cut off from LIFE until Mr. Meanie says differently. On top of that, he says I'm going to get spanked tonight for being inconsiderate.  SO NOT FAIR.  I mean, is this the way to start a new year?
Some sympathy, people!  Bree needs loves.


  1. Happy New Year! Am sorry that does seem very harsh and not a fun way to start the new year especially if you had to work on it! Maybe he was just worried about you driving home early on the am on the first. Do you always call him or text him on your way home if he is waiting for you kinda agree with him but still think he is being super strict. Hope you just got a little lecture and you are free to play again soon. Happy New Year!

  2. hmmm naughty Bree for not keeping him informed the way he likes it.

    if you've got rules about these things, then you should follow them.

    but if it's some random arbitrary thing that just got pulled out of nowhere, then i agree... mean mean mean.

    ok. i'm running away now.

  3. Humm, I'd be torn, you didn't call him, and that is an issue...

    I don't think it's a good way to start off a New Year, and, I'd probably call it mean too! -but what do I know?

    I got pulled down to the basement last night for a bit of OTK for the way I was behaving..

    I had been google + chatting before, during and after dinner off and on - I just kept my screen tabs down but went back and forth between it and what we were supposed to be doing (which was cooking and eating dinner)
    I kept giggling at my screen and He'd give me that look of death..
    I had one too many eye rolls and then a bit of grumpiness later when I realized I'd have a long night ahead of me and then work today...

    It's not even a rule..

    Hope you don't in too much trouble and can play again soon!


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