Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm On My Way Home- Young Lady!

Oh boy- those were the last words I wanted to hear today!  All the things that are waiting to be applied to my bare bottom are about to happen.  What a glorious week it's been- with him out of town for work and leaving Nikki and me alone.  He usually waits until Sunday nights to 'deliver his message' and, thankfully, he was gone this Sunday!  But  either this evening or tomorrow morning, I will be receiving my 'comeuppance' for my disobedient and disrespectful behavior.  Help?
POOR NIKKI! Other than a brief hand spanking, she hasn't had to face Daddy's wrath.  Her book is just filled with silly little things that she could have avoided.  But no- she has to have the last word!  To make it worse, John informed me that she will be witnessing MY discipline and then will give her 'time' to think about it before she is called to stand before him.  I don't know who is more frightened- her or me.
Does anyone have room for me to move in before he gets home?
Luv You All,


  1. Poor me & poor Bree! She is actually oiling the strap. Daddy said she has to oil the strap and sit the cane out and cut 3 switches. She really screwed up though with drinking and then defiance. Daddy is going to be here in about 20 minutes and we have to be waiting in the corner with our books sitting on the table. I am really scared because I have never really had a serious punishment before. And I am also scared because Daddy said I have to watch Bree's punishment to act as a deterrent for me. I don't want to watch her get punished! I just want to go hide. This is going to be a terrible night. I have to go get the black paddle and my hair brush. Say a prayer for us!

  2. Yikes! I'd say you could move in with me but sadly it sounds like your place is a lot more exciting...

    maybe you guys could open it up as like a Dude Ranch err um or just invite me over some time?

    Oh wait, I was supposed to be comiserating with you... hmmm

    1. Geeeee- thanks for the loving support, Pooky! LOL! Nothing like having friends who understand your misery. This time wasn't fun OR exciting. NO MORE WINE for me.