Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Never Again! My bottom can't take it--

Hey Y’all.  Not a happy little girl right now.  I’m at work, sitting very, very uncomfortably.  Daddy was extra harsh tonight- probably because Nikki was being forced to watch.  I felt so bad for her, too- especially since I had to leave for work before she received her discipline.  So, if I might give a word of advice- having a couple of glasses of wine and insisting on being defiant is not worth it.  Not this time.  I received a very long hand spanking with the dreaded lecture about how disappointed he is with me, how I need to provide a better example for my sister and that my health depends on being obedient (I’m diabetic).  As though his hand doesn’t hurt enough, but the OTK portion was followed by the hairbrush (for swearing during the spanking).  I was so embarrassed- kicking around and yelling like a two year old!  Then he made it more humiliating for me.  I had to bend across the bed for 25 of the strap and six of the cane.  Like my butt wasn’t already on fire enough- he bundled the three switches! This is for putting your health at risk, young lady!   I lost count of those ‘cuz I was too busy crying and trying to escape.  My poor bottom looks like it sat on a hot mesh grill.  Daddy made me stand in the corner, crying, with no rubbing for 15 minutes before he called me over to cuddle and hold me. My poor sister just cried.  I’m sorry she had to see that and I wish I did not have to drive or move around tonight.  At least I know that Daddy will take care of me when I come in tomorrow morning and everything will be forgiven.

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  1. Oh my, Ouch! all that? for a little wine? Perhaps I will stay home with Dev after all...
    Here's a tip tho- think pillowy thoughts-

    And what about poor Nikki? Is she still in the land of the living?

    On a side note while you brats were facing the wrath of daddy- I spent the evening in the world of Lance Callahan.... hmmmmm

    Can i just say it? I think I have a new favorite author! You are amazing. What a creative plot-

    I didn't go for The maze so much but I will be reading and and rereading Lost and Found just like I do The Game Plan and Time Out.

    Definitely another awesome book. Going back to Blushing to leave 5 stars and a review now. :)