Friday, November 16, 2012

A little get to know the Hayse Sisters post..

I borrowed these questions from another blogger, this kind of thing goes the rounds from time to time.  I believe you are supposed to stick to one-word answers, but I am disregarding that. Also, Bree and I will both be answering. Just so you can see how different the Hayse sisters will be in their answers.

Have you ever...

Been pulled over?
Nikki: One time. I was speeding in a school zone. I sweet talked my way out of a ticket. :)
Bree:  Way too many times to count... I'm a little lead footed,,, but only ticketed twice!

Dyed your hair?
Nikki: But of course!
Bree: Do highlights count?

Pulled an all-nighter?
Nikki: Studying or just fooling around having fun? Yes to both!
Bree: My life IS an all nighter, but when I'm not working, Snoozeville!

Baked a cake?
Bree: Eaten a cake.

Fallen down in public?
Nikki:Yes, I fall down on a fairly regular basis. Public or otherwise.
Bree:  Not me, although watching Nikki taking a tumble is more than hysterical

Been caught making out?
Nikki: Um, maybe?
Bree: All the time, and Nikki hates it

Taken a pregnancy test?
Nikki: Oh god no!
Bree: Ummmm.........Maybe...

Broken a bone?
Nikki: wrist and foot. Wrist from jumping off of a 50 ft. cliff. Who knew water was that hard? Oh wait, wrist from falling off bike as well. The foot was just wallking and stepped into a hole. Stupid holes.
Bree:  Nope.  Unlike little sister, Im not accident prone.  But then, I watch where I'm walking and dont go jumping off of perfectly stable flat surfaces.

Had braces?
Nikki: Nope!
Bree:  Yeah..... and still trying to forget about them.

Gone skinny dipping?
Nikki: Oh yea!
Bree: Every chance I get!!

Built something out of wood?
Nikki: Hmm...I cant remember. Maybe in girl scouts or something.
Bree:  All the time... love wood working and any other types of crafts. Do woody's count too? Ooops

Been to Disneyland?
Nikki: Yes-Disneyworld too!    
Bree: Absolutely- Micky cringes when he sees the Hayse girls coming.  it always spells trouble.

Eaten a Krispy Kreme donut?
Nikki: Yum!
Bree: No. Not allowed :(

Screamed during a scary movie?
Nikki: Of course!
Bree: I don't watch scary movies.  I'm a wimp.

Showered with someone of the opposite sex?
Nikki: A boy?No, but I've peeked...
Bree: Yeppers! As often as possible, too!

Been to a professional sporting event?
Nikki: Yes! Soccer, football, baseball, and hockey. Never went to a professional basketball game. Tennis and golf put me to sleep quicker than my nursing text books.
Bree: Dragged kicking and screaming and never taken again! LOL!

Slept till noon?
Nikki: Is this question for real? haha! Every chance I get!
Bree: I can't remember, I'm usually sleeping at that time.

Been arrested?
Bree: Nope.

Opened Christmas presents early?
Nikki: Yes, I am quite good at unwrapping and re-wrapping christmas gifts. Don’t tell my sister or Daddy!
Bree: No, and we are already aware of Nikki's sneaking peeks.

Played Scrabble?
Nikki: Yea, Im not too bad at it.
Bree: Yes, and I kick butt! 

Rolled down a hill?
Nikki! Of course!
Bree: Why would I do that?

Toilet papered someone's house?
Nikki: Yea, that was fun.
Bree: Excuse me? Nik? Is there something you need to share with us?

Laughed so hard you cried?
Nikki: Every time Bree is getting a spanking. Just about anyway. YOu would laugh too if you heard her. haha
Bree:  Humprf. As for the question, I usually loose it when the giggles hit... and it has nothing to do with being spanked.  Not usually, anyway, although I do have my moments.

Burned yourself with a curling iron?
Nikki: Yea, my flat iron a few times. I have horrible curly hair so the flat iron and I are very close and i have the scars to prove it.
Bree:  No, but I've fixed Nikki's ow's many of times. 

Been hit on by someone too young?
Nikki: Um..Well too young would be like a kid so, no.
Bree: Yes... way too often.  What's with these HS boys now a days?

Gotten seasick?
Nikki: Yes
Bree:  Right next to little sister, off the same boat on the way to Catalina.  Poor John.

Eaten food that fell on the floor?
Nikki: Haven’t you heard of the 5 second rule?(this does not apply at hospital clinical locations)
Bree: Heck no! And there is NO 5 second rule!

Given a hickey?
Nikki: Yea
Bree: I'm a biter, but John doesn't let me very often. Gotta wait until he goes to sleep.

Shared a sucker with your dog?
Nikki: Ew!
Bree:  Of course... especially since it bothers Nikki.

Been in an accident?
Nikki: A little tiny fender bender-I was not driving
Bree:  Yes, several... and never my fault!

Had chickenpox?
Nikki: Yea when I was a baby. I don’t remember it.
Bree:  Yes, and I do remember Nikki's. I was more miserable than she was.  She whined the entire time.

Shopped at Home Depot?
Nikki: I have been there but haven’t actually spent any of my own money there.
Bree: LOVE Home Depot... and power tools

Spied on your neighbors?
Nikki: Um? Not sure. We don’t have many neighbors here.
Bree: Nikki spies all the time... and gives hourly reports.  We can always tell when she's supposed to be studying by the amount of distractions she finds.

Plucked your eyebrows?
Nikki: No-I wax
Bree:  Chickens are plucked, ladies are tweezed. But I wax too... it freaks John out, too.

Ridden in a limo?
Nikki: Yes
Bree: Yeppers

Had a pet fish?
Nikki: Oh god yes.
Bree: I took care of Nikki's pet fish. Does that count?

Lied about your age?
Nikki: When I was like 11, I used to like and say i was 14 or 15. This was on vacation with kids I knew I would probably never see again. I just wanted to get a little-something-not sex of course.
Bree:  Isn't that required after 29?

Bought something at a yard sale?
Nikki: Of course! I love yard sales!
Bree: I give money to Nikki for garage sales.  Does that count?

Fired a gun?
Nikki: Yes, I have been trained.
Bree: I'm prior USMC and kick butt with firearms 
Been drunk?
Nikki: Um, yea!
Bree: Unfortunately, yes.

Had a cavity?
Nikki: Unfortanately yes
Bree: Grrrr, long time ago

Been ice skating?
nikki: Yes!
Bree:  John and I Love ice-skating and ice-dancing.  We keep Nikki off the ice- she's accident prone.

Handed out candy to trick-or-treaters?
Nikki: yea, who hasnt- all though I much prefer being on the receiving end.
Bree: No. John is too protective and won't let me answer the door!

Been in the hospital?
Nikki: Yea, a few times.
Bree: Yes, once or twice

Made a prank call?
Nikki: Um....Is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it! Do you have king albert in a can? Well you better let him out! haha
Bree: No, I choose to harass people face to face

Been sick on your birthday?
Nikki: I don’t think so. I am rarely sick
Bree:  I think I get sick every birthday.... sick of getting older

Gotten a tattoo?
Nikki: No but I plan to.
Bree: Yep, I have four!

Had food come out your nose?
Nikki: Of course!
Bree: Euw. No.

Gone out without underwear?
Nikki: I have but unlike my sister, I actually prefer to wear underwear.
Bree: I HATE wearing underwear

Had a massage?
Nikki: Not for real. But by a friend. Shhh! Don’t tell daddy!
Bree: Nikki forgets he reads our blog. Yes, but I really don't like them.  

Locked your keys in the car?
Nikki: Yes, once.
Bree: Never

Ridden a horse?
Nikki: Of course!
Bree: What kind of country girls would we be without horse riding? We also know how to milk goats, gather chicken eggs and skin rattlesnakes.  Or, should I say, this girl does.  Nikki's a cry baby.

Been lost?
Nikki: I am lost right now.
Bree:  Physically or mentally?

Held a $100 bill?
Nikki: A couple of times. Didn’t last long though.
Bree: All the time, right before it's deposited in the bank.

Been to Europe?
Nikki: Yes

Built a fire?
Nikki: Yes
Bree: No, but all over Asia

Slept Naked?
Nikki: Once or twice
Bree: Is there any other way to sleep?

Been skydiving?
Nikki: No and it wont be happening
Bree: Why the hell would anybody want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

Hogged the covers on purpose?
Nikki: Hmmm. I dont think so..
Bree: Of course, why bother otherwise?

Played golf?
Nikki: Miniature golf. It is boring.
Bree: I like miniature golf, especially since I cheat.

Watched the Weather Channel?
Nikki: Yes
Bree: Yawn

Had a manicure?
Nikki: Yea
Bree: Yes

Made mashed potatoes?
NikkiL Yea
Bree: Isn't that a dance from the old days? Let's ask John,

Written your phone number on a napkin?
Nikki: No
Bree: I plead the 5th

Been to the circus?
Nikki: Yea Barnum & Bailey and Cirque de Soleil!
Bree: My life is a circus.


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