Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fantasy vs. Reality

Hello, my friends.... this has been a week of learning new lessons and reinforcing old ones.  My poor sister will attest to that.  I wanted to share some thoughts I have regarding 'real world' vs 'fantasy world' that most of us subs seem to have.  First- let me thank all of you for your continued support with my books!  Your positive reviews and encouragement have been lifting them all into the top ten of Blushing's List.
As you know, the story lines/plots in my stories are fiction/fantasy with multiple scenes based on reality.  I can't help but chuckle when I read a review regarding an 'unrealistic' element in any author's work.  Of course it is!  It wouldn't be fiction, right?  Who of us have not dreamed of being a mermaid? Or winning the Lotto?  Or being perfectly smart, talented, beautiful...... I mean, if all of the books we read were based on reality- there would be a LOT more 35 and under, 6'5", rich, smart, hot, available men then we would know what to do with! And very few of us would ever reach the 30 year old mark (or gain weight, get cellulite, wrinkles or gray hair).  Right?  So I say on behalf of my fellow authors- just sit back and enjoy!
Seriously- how many of us would really want to live the 'lives' of our characters or scenarios? Not me, for sure- especially enduring the frequency/severity in which our poor, slow-learning heroine finds herself OTK.  Heck- in my real life, I'm in enough trouble as it is-- I certainly wouldn't want more!
We often  enjoy living vicariously through the stories we read, helping us come to grips with our own fantasies and darker desires. We learn how to comfortably express our needs and innermost thoughts to our partners and explore how far we might want to take a new step in our D/S relationships.
For me, if a scene strikes me as interesting, I will give it to John to read and then we talk about the whys and hows.  Why is it interesting to me? How can it be enacted? John then tries to put the fantasy/fiction element into a reality based session.  At that point, I am able to truly distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy and what I want/need (or not) from him.  As he always tells me: be careful what you wish for.
Give it a go- fellow subs! Open up communication with your Doms- even the 'vanilla' D/S relationships can bloom when you share your fantasies or items you read and discuss how to make it real for you.
Oh yes- WHEN you do figure out how to become independently wealthy or stay perfectly young and gorgeous forever, please share it with the rest of us, ok? Those are two fantasies that I would Love to see become reality for me.  LOL!!!
Luvs and Kisses-  Bree


  1. Hm...I personally abide by the realistic principle. I like my fantasy fantastic and my realistic fiction realistic. :) Mainly because I think that some stories are written as realistic fiction but then the writer gets lazy. It's so much easier to put in a detail or characteristic or sequence of events that helps out the author, rather than something that is true to the characters and true to the sequence of events. Even fantasy needs to make sense according to its own rules and terms.

  2. governingana, I get what you are saying but I think what Bre means is that when writing fiction-such as the paranormal elements some of her books have in them, it is fantasy and of course fiction. After all if it is a fantasy piece, it must be fiction. Now her stories that are fiction without the paranormal aspects are well developed and believable. It is just when reading something that is considered sci-fi or paranormal(vampires, mermaids, etc.), we as readers need to understand that it is not reality. It never will be reality. As far as I know there are no mermaids, aliens are not abducting people, and vampires are make believe-so while the main story line is going to be believable and realistic, the reader needs to remember that there are going to be all sorts of elements added to enhance the story line but they will not necessarily be things that you know will happen in real life. A vampire story may have chapters of material that is very realistic but feeding on victims, changing them to vampires, burning up when in the sun, etc. are all fantasy.