Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Implements- Tools or Torture? Part I

Thanks to my buddy, James, I finally have a new computer.  I guess the poor guy got tired of editing all my typos that came with the crummy keyboard and my general lack of interest. So now, I have no more excuses regarding my frequency of updating the blog, writing my books or responding to emails.

A computer is a tool for my art and to communicate... unfortunately, implements serve the same purpose to any self-respecting Dom/Domme.  They not only relish the effects of a bottom well-spanked, but also that the lesson they were teaching is well learned.  I've had many fans ask me about the pros and cons of different implements and, of course, my favorites.  Just an FYI- it's personal choice and dependent upon each individual's needs. I'm a leather girl... hate wood...
John's got a whole arsenal...I'll cover a few each time and want your comments regarding your experience with these! Of course, what we subs might consider pros/cons might not be how our Doms/Dommes see it!

Pros:  Very convenient , most intimate , catches all the curves :)
Cons:  Very convenient
Comment:  My fav OTK.       


Pros:  Easy to carry/hide,  fits well in palm for easy swing , min bruising 
Cons: Smaller focus     
Comments: OTK - sharp sting    
Pros:   Different thicknesses, Designed for palm    
Cons: Can bruise, sharper edges can distract from discipline
Comments: OTK- hard sting/deep                                                          

HAND PADDLE/oval    

Pros:  Fits in the palm, covers larger area, reddens quickly 
Cons: Deeper bruising 
Comments: OTK- thuddy, good for alternate positions

HAND PADDLE/ oval with holes  

Pros:  Fits easily in palm ,covers larger area, reduced air resistance- less work to make impression
Cons: Can blister/bruise    
Comments: OTK- sharp/bite, good for alternate positions.. Nikki LOVES this one!



  1. Bree! You know darn well that is your favorite! Especially the black paddle. I personally do not like any of them. I do like the stingy feeling after a light paddling or hand spanking. I do not like real discipline or having blisters or bruises. I also do not like otk because it is easier to restrain me and I feel overwhelmed by the feeling of not being able to get away. Over pillows on the bed I can at least try to get away and rock back and forth. ALso I can bury my face in the blankets-which for some odd reason helps.

  2. OHHH, Nikkers...when are you going to realize that it's not about what YOU like, but how much enjoyment he-who-should-not-be-named get out of torturing you? And yeah, I do like that one.. hee hee hee. And I like to laugh,, and tie his shoelaces to the chair leg.

  3. EEEk! unmentionables!!! You should have warned me... I would have covered my eyes.

    I myself prefer otk i have to have the contact and the restraint. I do not think I could ever stay in position willingly. I know when I try to stay bent over the bed I keep popping up every swat. I have good reflexes...

    I will refrain from commentint on the err thingy-ma-bobs you mentioned above.