Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's been a bad week...

This really has not been a great week for me. First Bree outs me about this guy I am seeing-he is actually really nice and is in some of my classes. I didn't want to bring him home yet because I know he will get the third-degree between Bree and Daddy. Then I pretty much bombed a pop-quiz I didn't study for and somehow Bree found out about it. I'm an adult, just because they are letting (making) me live with them, Bree and daddy think they have this control over my life. Well, daddy sort of does cause I agreed to it but still, it is frustrating..Then yesterday on my way home from study group daddy texted me and I responded and then said that I would talk to him later cause I was driving. Now I am in big trouble for that and also grounded which is not fair since I am in college. I should not be grounded. Im too old too be grounded.How do I explain to my friends that my brother in law grounded me? Ugh! Then I used a curse word in my book and am getting busted for that too. Could things get any worse? I wish it were spring break. I would be taking off to Vegas or something. If you don't hear from me, assume the worst.


  1. NIKKI-BOO!.. I tried to tell you but you weren't answering your phone. We love you and don't want you repeating the same mistakes that got you living here with us in the first place. Pleae don' run away..I love my baby,c how many time have you outted me and I never get that mad at you,c do I? We'll go outb after I get off work and have breakfast somewhere nice. My treat.

    1. Thanks Bree! I know you are only trying to help me not repeat the same mistakes I did last year. It is hard for me to take responsibility sometimes. I do love you-you are a great big sister. Who else would put up with my tantrums? And, you are building me a doll house to replace the one mom gave away when I was little. I am so happy about that because it will bring back all those special memories of when we were little. Plus, we can decorate it together. I guess overall, your a great sister. Just wicked bossy sometimes.