Sunday, November 11, 2012

Attention: Nikki's Support Group

Hello Ladies, 
Well, I see Nikki got alot of comments about  her school issue.  Although I am the first to agree you all are entitled to your opinion;   it seems you have forgotten one very important fact:
The only opinion Nikola should be concerned with is mine.
The proper response from  all of you should have ended with was " ..Of course, your Dom has the final say and you must obey him."  
Seems that some edification in proper sub behavior is needed.  Best case scenario would be for you all to come to a workshop here..I am sure I could illustrate my point much better one on one, applied directly to some bare bottoms. I  do hope when you all respond (which you certainly should), and that you  do so in the proper manner. I will be curious to see who  knows what I am referring  to.   I will be reading Bree's Blog from time to time as well as Nik's..In the meantime, try and behave !
Sir John


  1. Dear Mr. John Hayse,
    I am now feeling guilty. You are right, we all should have responded with "Your Dom has the final say".
    Although, I do stand behind my opinion.

    The bad thing is, I almost feel like I should tell my "H" that I have conspired on another person's blog against her Head of Household, and let Him deal with me Himself...
    I'm probably NOT going to set myself up for punishment.
    What happens in blogland, STAYS in blogland for now.. I'm thinking of saving my own behind here.

  2. Uh Oh.... you called the Dom of the Universe and Into Infinity, MR? No wonder you're in trouble at home all the time! Now, a good and obedient sub (not saying I am one) would fess up and admit to such offenses to her accountability. However, like you, I go by the premise of what Sir John doesn't know, won't hurt me. Beware, though, these Doms have this weird way of finding out things. I think it's like a secret Dom society or something. They ALWAYS seem to know.

  3. strangely i felt like Emi... like i wanted to fess up to BIKSS and tell him what i said, and that The Dom of the Universe and Into Infinity isn't pleased about it. but then, i'm sure my BIKSS would agree that my opinion was well thought out and valid.

    what i'm NOT sure about, is whether he would be upset that i got involved in a matter that CLEARLY required my staying-out-of.

    so um, yeah. i'm gonna just tell him about it in a cute "wanna hear a funny story" way and see what transpires...

  4. So what do you gals think about a Dom who is so addicted to Angry Birds that he lets his hard working wife leave in the middle of the night, through snow and sleet, with a thermos of COLD tea. Just like that, let's her walk out of the house, in the middle of a snowstorm, with nothing to keep her in the warm because he was too busy playing with his game to make sure it was nice and hot. Oh, but he'll make sure her Bottom is nice and hot, but not her tea. Geeee