Saturday, December 1, 2012

Eraser Anyone?

OK, so you all know I have a punishment book right? Yea well that started when Daddy was on the road a lot. For me it continued because I am often at school or just not home when I get called on something and I am told to put it in the book. Plus, apparently Sir would rather just look at the book every week or two and settle up at that point with me. Bree on the other hand has a book, but since Daddy has been home, she has not had to enter much into hers-he takes care of her immediately.

So why am I excited? Cause yesterday I took an exam and passed and got my book erased. ERASED! Yea! So I have a couple more tests til the end of the semester and I am thinking I can avoid retribution for the next couple of weeks at least. And the best part is, Bre does NOT get that luxury! Yeehaw! Thanks Daddy!

Love Nikki

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