Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Special Thank You

My dearest friends,
I wanted to extend a special thanks for all the love and support you've given me this year on my new venture as a writer.  You believed in me... more than I believed in myself... and it's because of you that my books are raising to the ranks that they are.  It's all about you... what you fantasize about, the desires of your hearts, the unspoken dreams. It's for you that my writing continues and I pray that, for some or you, it helps you find answers to the things you seek.
I'm a little Hallmarky right now because I've recently, and unexpectedly, lost an estranged family member.  My husband and little sister were right there, loving me through this and helping me acknowledge my feelings, both hard and soft.  The saddest thing was that she refused to make amends with those she had hurt before she passed and my grief came from the realization that it was too late for her to make things right and leave this world with more than a bitter memory.  It made me love my little family even deeper, never wanting to take any of them for granted. I was also humbled by the love and support I received from my fellow writers and my publishers- people who I call my friends.  Thank you. Although many of us are thousands of miles apart, and know one another only through the text of a computer, I have found these people to be more genuine and accepting then any of whom I lay my eyes upon. I hope to continue to grow in these relationships and with many more as well as I hack through the jungles of the technical flora and fauna.
I continue to offer my support to anyone who has questions or needs helps in discovering their own hidden worlds. I want to be there for all of you, as you have been there for me.
With Love Forever,


  1. BY the way, just wanted you to know that i went and got your game plan books from Blushing Books a couple of days ago... haven't read them yet, will be posting reviews when i can :)

  2. Replies
    1. Luv you too, Pooky. Nik is pouting because she is under house arrest after 800 until school is out. So who suffers? Me. She is talking my ear off, and I'm supposed to be sleeping before my shift. Calgon! Take me away!
      Oh, for any of the readers out there... Pooky has been privileged (?) to be of conference with Nik and myself at once. Had to scrape the poor girl off the floor.

  3. Mean. Pooky loves me. I think she appreciates my wit.

  4. Breanna

    I just want to tell you that I have read almost all of your books already and they are fantastic. I want all your stories to continue - I get so attached to everyone.

    I cannot wait to read Guardian Domination and hope I can get some ideas on how to find a Dom too. How do you know if you can trust someone you meet online?

    Thanks for all your stories


  5. Hey Margaret,
    First, thank you for your support. I'm so glad you are enjoying my books. It means alot to me! Now, regarding your question about the online Dom, I will offer you this assistance.... PLEASE talk with John. He's been in the field for billions of years and has helped several of his prior subbies find doms/husbands... all who they have met online. He will be more than happy to help you, keep an eye out and give you every safety tip that you can imagine.
    We are going to be starting a Dom's Corner here soon where he's going to be bringing in information for both Doms and Subs, too.
    Please email me privately and I can get you in touch with him, ok? In the meantime, STAY SAFE!
    Luvs, Bree