Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Uglies

Hey All! Do any of you relate to the sinking feeling you get when your Dom/Domme give you the LOD (Look of Death)? I mean, ok, that look says "I've reached my limit and now it's your turn".  We know we really screwed up then, right?  Do I hear 'amen sista'?

Now, what about The Uglies- you know, that warning glint, scowl, glare, pursed lips, tweaking cheek, veins swelling....  those nasty little things that crop up when you're didn't do anything- on purpose, anyway. I got me a BIG case of the Uglies today. And all because of a harmless, little prank.....
All of your know that Nikki is FINALLY finishing up nursing school. She's worked soooo hard and really had some struggles for a while, but she perservered and is nearing the end. Well, she's got this teacher who is one bulb short of  a flashlight who is the bane of their school.  Nik took her test and got a B.  We are soooooo proud of her- I mean, I couldn't even answer the questions on her study guide.
I'm digressing. Anyway, she wanted to tell John herself and asked me to direct him to her, but she didn't want him to guess how well she did. Long story short- John came in, saw me first and asked about Nikki's test.  I told him that she really needs to talk to her daddy right now and that she was in her room. He asked if she got an 'A' and I sadly looked at him and shook my head.  He ran to Nik's room, pounds on the door and I heard her squeal. Yeah Nikki!
Not "yeah Breanna". Oh no.... John marches right over to me with a HUGE case of the Uglies and starts saying what I did wasn't cool, it was mean-spirited, he was so worried......
I mean, come on?  Even my reasoning that I did not lie to him and that it was NOT my fault he misread my body language, didn't change the mind of Mr. Humorless Meanie Bully-butt. So we are schedualed to  'have a little talk' on Sunday, after Nikki leaves for her friend's babyshower.
Your Not SO Happy Bree

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